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Bertil Carlsson Rally & Racing
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1964 - 1972 I mostly was rallying with the Cortinas. I wore out three Cortina GT:s, one Lotus Cortina gr. I, one Lotus Cortina group II (the ex. Bengt Soderstrom Swedish Rally winning works car). For a short period I drove an Opel Rekord 1900 very successfully. Then it was Ford again, Escort GT group II and finally one Escort Twin Cam group II.
1998 - 2000 I made come back in the swedish Historic Racing. I bought an Escort GT without engine because a friend of mine had managed to find a Twin Cam engine in England. So the car was converted into a TC. The 1998 season was very successfull and I managed to take the second place in the Cup. Not because I was a fast driver but more a safe driver and finished every race except one.